corporate sustainability water The Compass Group works with clients to implement organization-wide comprehensive sustainability programs. We guide clients in putting in place policies and operating procedures that institutionalize sustainability and then we assist in tracking key performance indicators to evaluate success. The Compass Group navigates our clients through the complexities of sustainability, facilitating their journey, regardless of where they are in the sustainability process.

We work closely with our clients to develop the guiding vision, principals and goals
that are meaningful for them and their corporate sustainability. The Compass Group strongly believes in implementing sustainability initiatives that will have lasting results. This requires working closely to develop the necessary policies, key performance metrics and infrastructure required to help them achieve their goals. We ensure that the sustainability initiative is clearly communicated and key members of the client team are effectively trained to provide lasting results.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Annual reporting is a cornerstone of corporate sustainability. The Compass Group provides annual reports that detail the progress the organization has made over the last year and identify future focus areas.  We can also assist clients with sustainability reporting using a formal framework, such as the Global Reporting Initiative.