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BREEAM In-Use is a globally recognized sustainability assessment method for existing buildings developed by BRE. Buildings are assessed using a globally standard methodology through an independent certification process.

How does BREEAM In-Use benefit you?

BREEAM In-Use can be used on the one-off building or for an entire portfolio. At the portfolio level, BREEAM In-Use will allow for benchmarking your portfolio and identification of a property or portfolio that is under-performing, which that could benefit from refurbishment or improvements in management practices.

Carrying out a BREEAM Assessment promotes positive changes in the behavior of occupants and in the facility management process- which in turn reduces running costs, improves staff productivity, demonstrates commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), enhances your GRESB score, and provides a framework by which to assess and monitor resulting improvements.

A one-off assessment and verification can be implemented to issue guidance on how the building is currently performing and where improvements could be made, or an ongoing assessment can be carried out to encourage continual improvements to the buildings’ performance and management.

What areas does BREEAM In-Use address?

BREEAM In-Use can be used to assess the sustainability of any commercial building that has been occupied for a minimum of one year. BREEAM In-Use identifies 3 key areas in a single building that can be benchmarked and certified individually:


Part 1 Asset Performance The performance characteristics of the physical building as built.
Part 2 Building Management Performance The building management practices of the asset.
Part 3 Occupier Management The understanding and implementation of building management policies, procedures and practices by the building occupants and tenants.


The assessment covers major areas that affect buildings throughout their operational life. Data is captured for the following nine key categories:

  • Management
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Transport
  • Land Use & Ecology
  • Pollution

How can The Compass Group help you?

The Compass Group can manage the entire benchmarking and certification process, from setting up your entire portfolio or individual asset in the online tool to developing the application and assisting with the verification process.

Contact Dirk Mason with the Compass Group to learn more about how straightforward and cost effective it is to use BREEAM In-Use for benchmarking and asset verification.

BREEAM In-Use FactFile
BREEAM In-Use Brochure

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