Strategic Planning

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sustainabilitySustainability strategic planning is for the client who is looking for a sustainable vision into the future.  The Compass group will facilitate the process and provide a written “roadmap to sustainability.”  Sustainable strategic planning is important for organizations, as it forces them to look into the future and develop a proactive approach to sustainability.  The process will develop a greater awareness of the sustainability needs of an organization, and will help define a sense of direction to effectively meet those needs and goals. Sustainability planning will help an organization gain control of their future sustainability footprint.

An effective strategic plan articulates not only where an organization is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful.

There are no absolute rules regarding how to develop a strategic plan; thus we work with our clients to develop a process that meets their needs, which in turn allows us to develop a meaningful plan for them.

Fundamentally, all plans include these phases at some level:

  1. An assessment of the current sustainability performance of the organization,
  2. A strategy formulation, which is where an organizational and high-level plan is developed to achieve the desired sustainability results
  3. A sustainability implementation component that outlines the means to institutionalizing sustainability, and
  4. A strategy for the evaluation of the plan to determine its success and identify any areas for continuous improvement.