LEED Certification

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LEED-Proven-Provider_rgb_webThe Compass Group guides building owners and managers through the LEED certification process at a certification level that makes sense for them, based on goals discussed during the gap analysis or at the beginning of the certification process.  We make certification as easy and streamlined as possible by providing simple tools that guide clients through the process and by handling the entire interface with GBCI.  The Compass Group has been recognized as a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the Operations and Maintenance rating system family by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).

Application Reviews
For project teams that want an extra level of certainty prior to submitting their application to GBCI, The Compass Group provides a complete review of the application from start to finish.  We provide clients with written comments and suggestions that outline either required or recommended changes to the application.

Technical Consulting
The Compass Group is available to assist with LEED applications on a credit-by-credit basis.  We can perform all of the legwork, complete the calculations, and prepare all of the documentation for individual credits.  We can also be available on retainer to answer questions by phone or email that may come up during the course of the project.  Many project teams that are looking for a more limited level of support find this to be the appropriate path.

Full Consulting Services
For clients who want the full suite of services, The Compass Group provides all of the tools and training needed to implement LEED, completes all of the application materials, and submits the application to GBCI.  This is our most commonly requested service package.

Success Matters

At the Compass Group, we have a demonstrated record of success.  Our team has helped over 20 buildings achieve certification.  We have earned LEED certification for 100% of the buildings we have submitted for our clients.  Our experienced team is able to guide project teams through the certification process while helping them to realize opportunities to save money and improve their efficiency along the way.

Experience Matters

Our team is comprised of four LEED APs, two of whom are certified LEED reviewers.  We bring a unique perspective to our work due to our review experience and our long history of involvement with the USGBC.  We consult on all of the LEED rating systems, with a particular specialty in LEED for Existing Buildings.  All of our leadership team members have been working with LEED-EB since v2.0 or before, and have provided technical consulting services to the USGBC on newer versions of LEED-EB.  We have helped our clients implement LEED in a wide breadth of building types, from libraries to distribution centers to schools.

Our Clients Matter

We realize no two clients are alike.  For this reason, we tailor our approach to each one, providing a strategy and level of services that works for them.  At the beginning of each project, we review the LEED scorecard together and decide which credits are reasonable to pursue based on the building’s current status and the client’s goals and budgets.  We minimize the amount of work our clients need to do by pursuing credits strategically.  Our level of support also varies by project.  For some clients, all that is needed is a pre-submittal review of the application.  Others need assistance with just specific credits.  And still other clients want our full support from the first meeting to the final certification acceptance.  We have tools and strategies that work for everyone.