Carbon Disclosure Project

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The Compass Group works with clients to measure and report their climate change, water, and forest-risk data to the Carbon Disclosure Project. The CDP is an internationally recognized climate change reporting framework. Reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project allows organizations to understand and reduce their risks and adopt a more forward-looking strategy, compare their performance to industry peers, and signal their sustainability priorities to those they do business with. It provides organizations with the information necessary to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The Compass Group works with clients to  in order to prepare for and improve CDP reporting. We guide clients through:

  • Data gathering
  • Quantifying Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Completing the response survey
  • Creating a strategy to reduce emissions

Reporting to the CDP results in a disclosure score, and a performance score that allows companies to compare themselves with peers in their industry sector.

We can work with clients to integrate CDP reporting with the organization’s overall sustainability goals and actions, and incorporate results into annual sustainability reports. We develop strategic plans with clients to lower their greenhouse gas emissions over time and improve their CDP reporting scores.