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Streamlined Approach to LEED-EB Certification

Looking for a smooth and cost-effective LEED for Existing Buildings Certification experience?

Do you own or operate an Energy Star labeled building? Is there a green cleaning program in place?  Are you situated near good mass transit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your building may be a good candidate for The Compass Group’s streamlined LEED for Existing Building services.  Buildings that are candidates for this approach save time, resources, and capital compared to standard project approaches. The streamlined LEED-EB certification process has the potential of saving $10,000 to $20,000 in consulting fees, reducing the length of the process by three or more months, and significantly saving on internal resources.

How do I get started?

We will help you get started by evaluating key indices through a very brief questionnaire and conversation.  We will focus on the following indices:

Locational commuting performance
Water fixture efficiency
Energy performance
Green Cleaning Program

From there we will determine if the building is a candidate for participation.  Please contact Dirk at The Compass Group to initiate this simple process or for additional information:

Dirk Mason, LEED AP O+M
Principal, The Compass Group

We will provide you with a brief questionnaire and set up a time for a short meeting to review the information provided in the questionnaire and discuss further details.  There is no cost to you other than a little bit of your time to discover if you are a good candidate for the streamlined LEED approach.

Who is The Compass Group?

The Compass Group is a consulting firm focused on sustainability. This includes sustainable building operations and management, LEED for Existing Buildings, emissions, and organizational benchmarking as core focus areas. The Compass Group provides strategic sustainability services to companies, building owners and operators, and organizations worldwide.

The Compass Group has deep expertise in sustainability and LEED for Existing Buildings. The Compass Group brings 60 years of sustainability experience, of which 29 are focused on LEED.  We serve all commercial and institutional organizations. We are market leaders in LEED-EB recertification.

We focus on addressing sustainability as a strategic opportunity to help our clients save money, reduce risk, and gain marketplace recognition while improving the planet. The Compass Group is focused on truly integrating sustainability into ongoing operations. We help clients to make decisions that strike a balance between their sustainability goals and their economic needs.

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