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LEED-EB Recertification Guidance

POSSIBLE LEED RECERTIFICATON SCENARIOS Project teams considering recertification under the LEED-EB rating system typically fall into one of the three scenarios laid out below.  This fact sheet provides information about the typical timeline for recertification under each scenario, the amount of data required for submittal, and the frequency with which important audits and surveys need [...]

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Streamlined Approach to LEED-EB Certification

Looking for a smooth and cost-effective LEED for Existing Buildings Certification experience? Do you own or operate an Energy Star labeled building? Is there a green cleaning program in place?  Are you situated near good mass transit? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your building may be a good candidate for The [...]

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LEED-EB for Lower-Rated ENERGY STAR Buildings

Trouble meeting the LEED Energy Star score requirement? There is an exciting new pilot credit available for satisfying the minimum energy performance in the LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M Rating System.  Buildings not able to meet the LEED EAp2 minimum ENERGY STAR score of 69 have a possible path to certification using Pilot Credit 67 [...]

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